Montgomery County

Montgomery County, the oldest county in the New River Region, was created in 1776 [1] from a part of Fincastle County. The county was named for General Richard Montgomery, a Revolutionary War hero who was killed in 1775 during an attempt to capture the city of Quebec, Canada. Montgomery County was the first county in the United States to have all its schools directly connected to the Internet. Nearly 60 percent of Montgomery County is forested, of which about 7 percent lies in the Jefferson National Forest.

The two incorporated towns in Montgomery County include the towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg, the county seat. Blacksburg is home to Virginia Tech, and Christianburg is the county seat and regional shopping center. The county's population in 2000 was 83,629 persons (2000 U.S. Census).

Historic Districts

In 2005, Montgomery County, Virginia had 10 historic districts, 2 historic and archaeological districts, 1 rural historic district, and 54 individual properties in the Virginia Landmarks Registry and National Register of Historic Places,

Blacksburg Historic District (Blacksburg)
Cambria Historic District (Christiansburg)
East Main Street Historic District (Christiansburg)
Kentland Farm Historic and Archaeological District (Blacksburg)
Lafayette Historic District (Lafayette)
Madison Farm Historic and Archaeological District (Elliston )
Miller Southside Residential Historic District (Blacksburg)
North Fork Valley Rural Historic District (Lusters Gate vic.)
Piedmont Camp Meeting Grounds Historic District (Piedmont )
Prices Fork Historic District (Prices Fork)
Riner Historic District (Riner)
Shawsville Historic District (Shawsville)
South Franklin Street Historic District (Christiansburg)

Additional historic sites are also found throughout Montgomery County. For more information on districts and historic sites, see Virginia's online listing of sites/districts on the National & State Historic Registers in Montgomery County.


1. Some sources state that Montgomery County was formed in 1777, however the historic markers erected by the Commonwealth of Virginia in Montgomery County state the county was "formed from Fincastle County in 1776." Other sources citing the county's date of creation as 1776 include: History of Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia: 1748-1920, published in 1920, and Resources of South-West Virginia ..., published in 1881.