Dublin, VA

Dublin, VA WeatherAn incorporated town in Pulaski County, Virginia, Dublin was originally chartered as the town of Dublin by the General Assembly in March, 1881. Located in a region often named among the best grazing lands of Virginia, Dublin is the home of Pulaski Livestock Market, Inc., one of the largest livestock markets in Virginia. The town's population in 2000 was 2,288 persons (2000 U.S. Census).

Early Development of Dublin

Dublin developed as a community after a railroad station named Newbern Depot was established in1854, by the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad (V&T). This station was named "Newbern Depot" but was actually located about two miles north of the town of Newbern, which was then the county seat of Pulaski County. The name of the station was changed sometime prior to the Civil War to Dublin Depot, in honor of the New Dublin Presbyterian Church, established in 1769 at a location about 1.5 miles north. The V&T's depot at Dublin soon developed into a major shipping point for agricultural produce and livestock from nearby farms, and about the same time a store was opened adjacent to the depot. When incorporated as a town, in 1881, Dublin had grown into "a place of several hundred residents, containing churches, stores and schools." [1]

Civil War Era

During the American Civil War (1861-1865) Dublin was an strategic point on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad, which was used by the Confederacy to transport troops and supplies. Consequently, Dublin served as the military headquarters for the Confederate Army's Department of Western Virginia. A large military supply warehouse was built in Dublin and the railroad's telegraph office provided a communications link to other Confederate military units. Dublin Depot functioned as one of three depots established in Virginia by the Confederacy to house captured runaway slaves and free blacks taken prisoners during military operations. [2]

Historic Districts

The Dubin Historic District encompasses 130 building and sites in the town, which developed around a railroad station established by the V&T. in 1854.

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