Christiansburg, VA

Blacksburg, VA WeatherChristiansburg is an incorporated town in Montgomery County, Virginia, and the county seat. The town was originally chartered in 1792 and named in honor of William Christian, son of the town's founder, Israel Christian. William Christian was married to the sister of Patrick Henry, a prominent figure in the American Revolution. The town's population in 2000 was 16.947 persons (2000 U.S. Census).

Christiansburg became an important point on the Wilderness Road. Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett lived in Christianburg during the town's early years. The first duel with rifles in Virginia took place in Christiansburg in May of 1808 which resulted in the death of both participants. The duel influenced the passage, in January, 1810, of the Barbour Bill outlawing dueling in Virginia.

Historic Districts

The East Main Street Historic District is located on a hill northeast of the original boundaries of the town and extends along both sides of the original road to Salem. The Cambria Historic District is located about one mile from downtown Christiansburg, on the north side of Zion Hill, a steep ridge that separates the downtown from the historic district. The South Franklin Street Historic District is located one block south of the courthouse square.

Map of Christiansburg

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